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The Fraud Report

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RSSGeneral (1)

Date Title Rating
2015-02-20 OH Women Arrested for Fraud after Facebook “Check-in” 5

RSSRings and Mills (1)

Date Title Rating
2017-09-28 NJ Chiropractor Charged with Insurance Fraud None

RSSScandalous Schemes (15)

Date Title Rating
2018-09-13 Baltimore Pastor Pleads Guilty to Arson None
2018-03-02 Ex OH Police officer Sentenced for Fraud None
2018-02-07 VA Man Sentenced to Life in Prison None
2017-11-06 NJ Woman Admits $940K Insurance Fraud through Brother's Chiro Office None
2017-07-19 NC Woman Sentenced for Staged Accidents None
2017-06-22 You Get a Hit Man, and You Get a Hit Man! None
2017-05-25 FL Chiropractor and Wife Arrested for Fraud None
2017-05-12 FL Comp Fraud Caught on Tape None
2017-04-12 MD Toddler Dies, Father is Subject to Fraud Investigation None
2017-01-04 Ex NY Postal Worker Must Repay $430,000 for Fraud 2
2016-07-22 LA Man Arrested for Workers’ Comp Fraud, Lying about Injury None
2016-07-11 IN man Sentenced for $1.4 Million Fraud Scheme None
2015-09-24 Woman Charged with Falsifying over $500,000 in Cancer Treatments 2
2015-03-03 TX Housekeeper Killed in $1M Life Insurance Scheme None
2014-09-11 CA “Godfather” Accused of $50 Million Fraud None

RSSStaged Accidents (5)

Date Title Rating
2017-08-28 Massive CA Staged Accident Fraud Ring Disbanded None
2017-07-28 Insurance Fraud Attempt Thwarted by Dashcam 5
2017-06-09 One of GA’s Biggest Insurance Fraud Rings Nets 26 Suspects None
2017-05-04 NC Teacher and Husband Charged with Staged Crash None
2015-01-16 TX Man ordered to Pay $5M for Insurance Fraud 5

Uncategorized (3)

Date Title Rating
2018-10-31 Fraud Scheme Animations 5
2018-09-28 Fantasy Football: Fraud Edition 5
2017-06-09 One of GA’s Biggest Insurance Fraud Rings Nets 26 Suspects None


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