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Ex OH Police officer Sentenced for Fraud

by FraudReport 2. March 2018 12:28

Would you shoot yourself in the arm just to risk jail time and being criminally charged with fraud? Former Police Officer Bryan Eubanks would, and he was recently sentenced for doing just that.

Eubanks is a former Newcomerstown Police Officer who was sentenced on February 12th for several charges relating to a fake report that he had been shot on duty last April. His charges included inducing panic, making false alarms, tampering with evidence, forgery and workers compensation fraud.

Eubanks received 90 days in jail, a $2,500 fine and 500 hours of community service.

According to Cleveland 19 News, an investigation revealed that Eubanks had shot himself and made up a story about stopping a car whose driver opened fire. The story also caused a widespread manhunt for the imaginary gunman. 

Eubanks later admitted he was lying.

Eubanks’ attorney lays at least part of the blame on the former policeman being stressed to the breaking point, saying he suffering night terrors and telling Judge Edward O'Farrell, "Not everyone is cut out to be a police officer. He's not one of them."

On the other side of the argument, prosecutor Christian Sticken noted that Eubanks even went so far as to name a suspect -- a real, live innocent person. He added, "He didn't have to do that. He gave such detail, what clothing he was wearing. Things that were hard to see, they became suspicious.”

Eubanks has been fired by the police department and his peace officer certification will be revoked.

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VA Man Sentenced to Life in Prison

by FraudReport 7. February 2018 05:11

A Mechanicsville, VA man, who was convicted back in June of First Degree Murder in the bludgeoning death of his wife, was recently sentenced to life in prison.

On the morning of Sept. 5, 2016, the body of 30-year-old Reena Jadav was found in a yard near her home in Mechanicsville, Virginia. According to CBS News, authorities later determined she had been bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Prosecutors argued that her husband, Harshadkumar Jadav, stood to gain big money from her insurance policy.

Hanover County Chief Deputy Shari Skipper said, “The defendant brutally murdered his wife. She was beaten in the head with a hammer. The medical examiner suggested no fewer than 19 times, which is an absolutely terrible way to die.”

Jadav was arrested after someone driving along U.S. Highway 301 found a hammer wrapped in bloody clothing and turned it over to authorities. Investigators said the hammer had the victim’s blood on it, while a pair of men’s underwear held DNA matching both the suspect and his wife.

Jadav told investigators that when the killing happened he was at home, asleep, though at about that time his cell phone was pinging off towers near where the murder weapon was found.

When deputies arrested him a week after the killing, the husband had $10,000 cash, his passport and documents about his wife’s $1 million life insurance policy, authorities said.

Officials also stated that his underwear was the same brand and style as the underwear found with the murder weapon.

During the trial, some of Reena’s relatives testified that her husband had become detached after her death and donated her belongings to Goodwill one day after her funeral.

State sentencing guidelines suggested he should serve 22 to 38 years for killing his wife. But the jury agreed with prosecutors and the victim’s family that such a sentence wouldn’t be enough and recommended life in prison.

The judge also agreed and imposed the jury’s recommendation, and the jury only deliberated for two hours before finding the defendant guilty of first-degree murder.

Reena’s brother said, “This sentencing helps provide some closure for our family so we can continue to heal. Reena’s cheerful spirit will always be within our hearts.”

The defendant plans to appeal, arguing that instructions to the jury were flawed. His attorney, Charles C. Cosby, Jr  said, “We’ll go to an appellate court and argue whether these were correctly given or not correctly given and how they might have impacted a jury’s decision.”

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