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CA “Godfather” Accused of $50 Million Fraud

by FraudReport 11. September 2014 11:46

The nicknames people give themselves are probably a very good indication of the way they view themselves. So the California man who calls himself “The Godfather” probably thought it was perfectly normal and acceptable to be the so-called mastermind behind one of the largest insurance fraud cases that RiversideCounty has ever seen.

According to law enforcement authorities and the Inland News Today, Peyman Heidary, a chiropractor known to call himself “The Godfather,” was looking to live up to his alias.

Authorities charged Heidary, 44, with heading a criminal organization that established a law firm and several medical clinics in Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles counties. Those facilities submitted thousands of fraudulent workers’ comp claims for nonexistent or exaggerated injuries and billed insurance companies for at least $50 million.

Court documents also noted a loss of $5 million to the State Fund.  

Heidary is listed as president several companies: California Health Care Management in Corona, Anaheim and La Habra; The Best of California Promotions and Management in Corona, Fullerton and Orange; Heidary Chiropractic in Corona, Fullerton and Anaheim; Doctor’s Reports Inc. in Fullerton and La Habra; California Injury Lawyers in Corona; and California Lawyers Network in Industry. He is also listed in other records as a past managing member of the Riverside Health Clinic, Corona Health Clinic and Santa Ana Health Clinic.

Heidary is scheduled to be arraigned on September 12th, when he will face 22 counts of making fraudulent claims for payment of a health care benefit in excess of $950. Three of his employees were also each charged with the same.

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