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TX Housekeeper Killed in $1M Life Insurance Scheme

by FraudReport 3. March 2015 05:48

In September of 2014, a Texas housekeeper was found in the entryway of a home she was cleaning. She appeared to have died as a result of the multiple stab wounds and severe trauma to her body. Now police are saying the murder was part of a $1 million insurance scam, and they know who did it.

According to USA Today, the body of Anita Fox, 72, was found by another employee, who arrived to water plants, in the entryway of a home she was cleaning in Colleyville.

The homeowners were not there at the time.

Bernard Gorman, 27, was arrested in Davenport, FL on the morning of February 18th, and was charged with murder in Fox's death, Colleyville police said. Bernard's father, Gerard Gorman, 48, was also a suspect, however, the senior Gorman was found dead of natural causes last month.

Police say the father-son team planned an "elaborate, organized scheme" that took them both from Houston to North Texas, where they targeted and followed Fox to determine her habits, and then killed her. They said the suspects then drove back to Houston.

Police believe someone took out a fraudulent seven-figure life insurance policy on Fox that she was not aware of. They believe the Gormans killed her to try to cash in on the money.

Colleyville Police Chief Mike Holder said, "I can tell you that this one of the most complex cases that I've ever been involved in.”

We don’t know yet if the insurance agent who sold the policy is implicated. The FBI and Texas Department of Insurance are currently investigating further, trying to determine if more people are involved or if there was a larger insurance fraud scheme happening.

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